Package org.niggle.servlet

Niggle classes that wrap and extend the core Java Servlet API.


Class Summary
NiggleConfig A custom implementation of the ServletConfig interface The default NiggleServlet initializations are delegated to this object.
NiggleServlet The base Servlet class in the Niggle framework.
ServletInteraction An abstract class that encapsulates the various paths of execution involved in fulfilling a servlet request.

Package org.niggle.servlet Description

Niggle classes that wrap and extend the core Java Servlet API.

The class that will be of most concern to the application programmer is ServletInteraction, which represents the servicing of a single HTTP request. This abstract base class has various methods that are meant to be overridden by subclasses. The application programmer will create her own subclass with one or more execXXX methods that are the function entry points for the various actions that the servlet knows how to deal with.

Here are some additional notes about how to create your own subclass of ServletInteraction.

Niggle provides its own subclass of javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet, NiggleServlet. This class actually does very little, since it delegates its functionality to other objects. For example, in response to a GET or POST request, it creates a new ServletInteraction instance of the appropriate subclass. Initialization is delegated to an instanceof org.niggle.servlet.NiggleConfig, an object which sets up the various configuration details of a Niggle application, such as the data registry and the location of the page templates. Under most circumstances, this will be completely transparent to the application programmer.