Class DefaultRecord

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java.lang.Cloneable,, OreoConstants, Record,
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public class DefaultRecord
extends AbstractRecord

A concrete implementation of the Record interface In this implementation, the records can be written out as a human-readable string. This is the scheme used for serialization. DefaultRecord implements the interface in order to avoid the general-purpose serialization scheme. The goal was that the resulting storage format should be human-readable and modifiable in a text editor in a pinch.

Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from interface org.oreodata.OreoConstants
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  java.lang.Object get(int i)
 Record getMutableCopy()
          create a clone.
 boolean isImmutable()
          Have the fields all been set? Once a record is put in a DataSource, its fields are immutable.
protected  void set(int i, java.lang.Object value)
 void setMetadata(RecordDescriptor desc)
          Method only used internally.
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultRecord()
Method Detail


public boolean isImmutable()
Description copied from interface: Record
Have the fields all been set? Once a record is put in a DataSource, its fields are immutable.


public void setMetadata(RecordDescriptor desc)
Description copied from interface: Record
Method only used internally.

Specified by:
setMetadata in interface Record
setMetadata in class AbstractRecord


protected final void set(int i,
                         java.lang.Object value)
Specified by:
set in class AbstractRecord


protected final java.lang.Object get(int i)
Specified by:
get in class AbstractRecord


public Record getMutableCopy()
Description copied from class: AbstractRecord
create a clone. A shallow copy of the values array should be enough for immutable records Note that a newly cloned object has its immutable flag set to false, so that it is in a modifiable state.

Specified by:
getMutableCopy in interface Record
getMutableCopy in class AbstractRecord